Magento is one of today's most well known ecommerce platforms having gained traction over the last decade largely due to it's Open Source nature and freely available Community Edition. At Code Media we are specialists in Magento 2 ecommerce solutions in addition to being a full service digital and web development agency


Magento Agency Coventry, West Midlands

If you are a local company based in Coventry or the wider region of West Midlands and are considering a Magento 2 or have an existing Magento 1.x ecommerce platform we'd love to hear from you. We offer complete web design, development and online marketing services including scoping of any bespoke projects, quirky requirements or integrations you may have.

Certfied Magento Developers - Code Media

Our team consists of highly skilled creative designers and magento certified web developers who have many years hands-on experience of open source and proprietary (closed source) systems meaning we are best suited to advise on the most cost effective way to deliver the result you need. Services we offer include:

  • Responsive Magento End-to-end Solutions
  • Magento Skin/Theme Design
  • Extension development for Magento
  • Integrations with 3rd party software and providers (shipping, payment gateways, marketplaces, warehouse management, email marketing)
  • Performance Optimisations for Magento (configuration tuning, improved indexing, page speed enhancements, improved caching, image compression)

What's new in Magento 2?

Magento 2 has a number of great improvements over the previous slow and bloated Magento 1.x versions. From a usability perspective the back-end interface is a lot cleaner and more intuitive and the front-end offers a fully responsive mobile-first look and feel based on industry standard technologies such as jQuery and Bootstrap. All coding is now HTML5 based and there's even a new CSS (cascading style sheets) preprocessor. From a scalability perspective Magento 2's performance is much improved helped mainly by the full page caching which has now been built into the Community Edition (CE). System administrators and developers will also be appreciative of the simplified installation too.

Responsive Magento Themes

As standard we use LUMA theme for it's clean design however there are many attractive alternatives some better suited to different types of businesses depending upon the nature of the products or services being sold online. With all our designs we like to create a bespoke high conversion homepage tailored around your brand and target audience. Code Media are able to create custom blocks, layouts and templates using underlying XML structures.

This is a typical Luma theme layout display across various devices:

Luma theme for Magento2

Magento Ecommerce Solution Architecture

Code Media strongly recommend a LEMP stack configuration for Magento 2. This is mainly due to Nginx's (pronounced "engine X") faster performance under load on comparable hosting hardware. Because Nginx uses an event-driven asynchronous approach to handling web requests it does not create a new process on each transaction, unlike Apache does, which provides for improved scalability. Apache has has traditionally been the "go to" web server software of choice for Magento and other open source software such as WordPress so it does offer a wider range of supported modules, extensions and features. But, Apache has suffered from it's thread based architecture which requires significant memory and CPU resource on busy ecommerce websites. In short, if you are starting out on Magento 2 our advice would be go use Nginx and the LEMP stack instead of Apache and LAMP.

Regardless of your stack Code Media can optimise either or utilise your existing cloud based hosting infastructure to ensure delivery of a high performance Magento solution.

What is a LEMP Stack?

A LEMP stack consists of the following technologies:

  • Linux (Debian is our recommended distro)
  • Nginx (Web Server)
  • MySQL (Relational Database)
  • PHP (Scripting language for Magento and Magento2)
LEMP Stack for Magento Coventry

What is a LAMP Stack?

A LAMP stack is very similar to LEMP apart from the choice of Web Server:

  • Linux (Debian is our recommended distro)
  • Apache2 (Web Server)
  • MySQL (Relational Database)
  • PHP (Scripting language for Magento and Magento2)

LAMP Stack for Magento West Midlands

Magento Solutions for West Midlands

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted magento ecommerce partner servicing the Coventry and West Midlands area give Code Media a call today on 0118 380 1001. We offer a no obligation quotation service as well as many other services to compliment your ecommerce project build such as online marketing and integration.

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