The world of eCommerce is constantly growing and taking a much larger slice of the pie than traditional retail outlets. What you might not be aware of; however, is that the Magento eCommerce platform has been behind many of these fantastic online presences. Magento is one of the most flexible and powerful open-source eCommerce software available today, and has been used to create and power thousands upon thousands of stores.

Whether this website is your first step into professional retail, you're looking to complement your brick-and-mortar store with an effective online presence or you want to update an existing website, then the Magento eCommerce software could be the perfect option for you.

What Is Magento eCommerce?

Magento is an open-source platform for online retail. As it is open-source, developers and teams from all over the world are constantly working to improve and optimise the software for an ever-evolving internet. As so many websites operate on the Magento platform, there are thousands of professionals working to make sure that this eCommerce solution doesn't fall behind the trend.

Thanks to its flexible design and diverse range of features, it remains a hugely popular option across the globe and can be used to create high-quality online retail websites, without the price tag.

Why Should You Choose The Magento eCommerce System?

Online shopping is quicker, easier and safer than ever before. More than anywhere else, the UK eCommerce market continues to grow on a massive scale. It has been estimated that the UK online retail market will grow by as much as 110% by 2020, making a great online presence absolutely essential if your business hopes to remain competitive.

With Magento, and the professional Code Media team, there are no limits on the kinds of designs that we can create. It allows us to create stunning websites that are not only attractive to customers, but also appeal to search engines. Whatever kind of online presence you need, Magento can fulfil your requirements with regards to digital downloads, multiple currencies, responsive website design and a range of other features that make it the ideal choice.

Just a few of the advantages of this open-source software include:

  • User-friendly administration;
  • Streamlined order-fulfilment;
  • Simple catalogue management tools;
  • Merchandising and promotional features;
  • Extensive analytics capabilities;
  • Easy inventory management;
  • Integration with a range of 3rd party software, including Sage;

Why Could Magento Be Better Than Self-Developed eCommerce Software?

Although there are some fantastic bespoke platforms, the community and popularity of open-source software makes it extremely popular. The best developers around the world regularly work on Magento to ensure that it is kept up-to-date with the demands of customers across the internet. This gives it an incredible advantage over closed-source software, which can only be kept up-to-date by a much smaller team, with less time or expertise on their hands.

When it comes to open-source platforms, you are also more likely to find the support you're looking for, as it is likely other businesses will have suffered the same issues you are.

Magento Website Development; From Code Media

Here at Code Media, we can turn our many years of experience into a bespoke and attractive website design that will work to create a truly unforgettable online presence. Although we work with you on your Magento project, you will retain complete control over the entire website and, with the advantages offered by open-source software, we can help you to integrate any features, plugins or widgets that might require.

So, whatever kind of online retail presence you might need, you can rely on our Magento eCommerce development services to provide it. For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today!

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