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If your online business uses the opensource Magento platform for all of its eCommerce needs, then it's vital that you're aware that support for the latest version, Magento 1.9, will end in June 2020.

Without ongoing software support, users of the outdated platform will be without the important quality fixes and security patches that help to provide a seamless and safe online shopping experience for customers. Clearly, upgrading the software is an absolute must for any business who is serious about establishing a leading service within their particular field.

As open source eCommerce experts here at Code Media, we can help your business to migrate to the new platform effortlessly; not only placing your website in a position to receive all of the key updates it needs but also allowing your business to maintain that crucial professional and authoritative image in the ever-growing online shopping market.

Magento 1.9 to 2 migration

Initially released in 2014, Magento 1.9 has been providing a great service to its users – for an open source product to continue to receive updates some six years after its first release is particularly impressive. The platform's longevity is a testament to the technological ingenuity of Magento.

However, as developments in the online world are ever ongoing, the release of Magento 2 in 2015 has shepherded in anew era for the platform. As new releases of Magento continue to be published,their abilities far outstrip those of previous releases; bringing into focus just how outdated running a Magento 1 platform is (or definitely will be, after 2020).

Aside from receiving the important updates,the key benefits of migrating to Magento 2 from Magento 1.9 now, include:

  • Faster development times. Thanks to an improved design and architecture, Magento 2 offers development times of around 80% quicker than you would experience with Magento 1.
  • Higher performance. Perfect to cater for enhanced usability and better-implementation of SEO, Magento 2 is able to offer site speeds of around 20% faster than the previous platform.
  • Quicker checkout. Magento 2 is able to offer a two-stage checkout process, as opposed to the SIX stages of Magento 1.With a much quicker and easier checkout fostering a better user experience,customers will be less likely to leave their shopping carts abandoned.
  • Integration with mobile. As the majority of internet users now use mobile devices to access their favourite stores,having an eCommerce platform that places them at front and centre is vital. Magento 2 contains enhanced mobile integration capabilities, which improve and support mobile responsiveness for websites.
  • Improved admin tools. With a re-imagined admin interface that places responsiveness at its heart, Magento 2's improved admin tools are more user-friendly and even allow for multiple administrators to make changes and updates simultaneously.

Performing Your Open Source CMS Migration

Upgrading your eCommerce platform from Magento 1.9 simply cannot be rushed into – it will inevitably lead into a hurried migration, potentially creating many errors within your CMS. This will undoubtedly cause disruption to your web services, leading to poor user experience. Strong planning, preparation and having a measured approach is the key to a successful upgrade.

This is why working with a qualified webdesign agency is so advantageous – your business will be able to cover everything it needs to in order to make for a successful migration to Magento2. No having to spend time working on, worrying or wondering about whether the migration will go well (and that the new platform will truly be of benefit). A professional web design agency will be able to take on the workload for you; using their expertise to perform a seamless migration, keeping you informed every step of the way and offering advice on running the system whenever you need it.

We can do all of this and more here at Code Media.

Establish Your Ideal eCommerce Platform With Code Media

Our model is simple; we code it, you own it. We love the flexibility and capability of open source products, such as Magento, as we believe that the best eCommerce websites offer their users something unique, something that reflects the products or services they have on sale. Open source code gives you the ability to do this with your website.

Open source code offers you advanced web capabilities, yet gives you the freedom to move your platform to anywhere you like. You can choose to host it yourself or we can host it for you – either way, the whole process is simple and easy; the two foundations that any great website should be built upon.

Having been designing and building websites for the best part of two decades, we have profound industry experience in helping our clients to achieve their online goals. We endeavour to work with you at every single step of the project, creating eye-catching designs that will make for a great user experience.

Why not get in touch with us today to learn more?

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