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Here at Code Media, we understand that the holiday period can be a stressful time for retailers. After all, with the surge in demand, you want to make sure that you can provide each of your shoppers with a great online retail experience, and that's where our team of Magento developers Scotland can help.

So to help you and your business have a happy holidays, here's a list of 4 ways to win at eCommerce this holiday season.

4 Ways to Win At eCommerce This Holiday Season

Online Chat

1. Talk To Your Customers
Whether by installing a live-chat feature to your open source eCommerce website or by having a responsive social media presence, the holiday period is a very important time to be interacting with your customers. After all, when shopping for holiday gifts, people are on a time restriction, and they're not shopping for themselves, so it's likely at some point they'll need some help.

So if your eCommerce website is able to answer questions and provide help on your website through the use of live-chat instead of the customer having to leave your website to ask the question in a search engine such as Google, you're not just keeping them on your website, you're giving them another reason to purchase from you and shop with confidence.

2. Mobile First Design
We've talked about the importance of mobile first design in numerous different blogs, however it's especially important with regards to the holidays. Just think of how many people will be out and about buying gifts for family and friends from their mobile phones.

You simply cannot afford to miss out on customers due to a poorly designed website that doesn't operate smoothly on mobile. After all, as more and more people primarily use their Smartphones to browse the internet, the more you need to consider your website's mobile friendliness and how easy it is to use with a handheld device.

If you're struggling finding a good open source eCommerce platform with flawless mobile integration, we highly recommend Magento 2 . This Magento eCommerce platform places mobile devices at the centre, it contains enhances mobile integration capabilities, not only supporting mobile responsive websites but improving them.

Online Marketing

3. Make Good Use Of Digital Marketing Techniques
One fantastic digital marketing technique to use during the holiday shopping season is PPC advertising. Pay Per Click advertisements is used correctly can be a very powerful form of marketing that can increase traffic to your website, increase conversions, and boost sales.

However, when creating PPC ads for the holidays, it's important to use seasonal keywords in your Ad Copy. For example you could create advertisements centred around queries such as 'secret Santa gifts', 'Christmas gifts under £20', or 'Christmas gifts for him/her'. However, if your store also has a physical location in addition to your eCommerce store, you may also want to include some local seasonal keywords into yourad copy. For example, you could create ads around keywords such as 'Christmas gifts in Wokingham' additionally, you can also use the AdWords call extension to allow mobile users to call your business directly from the advertisement in the search results.

4. Ensure Holidays Landing Pages Are Updated
Seasonal landing pages are a great tool for online retailers, however it's important to make sure that they are up to date. After all, a holiday shopping page displaying last year's dates could be off-putting for some customers.

Themed landing pages work fantastically with the previous tip regarding digital marketing techniques such as PPC advertising. For example, you could create a holiday themed landing page with lots of gift suggestions, or maybe even include some articles with gift guides for those who need some help shopping for a loved one.

Have A Happy Holidays With Open Source Web Design From Code Media

This platform is used by some of the top internet stores and numerous different start-ups. The Magento CMS enables businesses of various different sizes to sell their products online, ranging from 'online side hustles' to thriving online businesses operating out of multiple warehouses.

If you are not skilled with regards to coding using languages such as HTML and JavaScript, don't worry. This does not mean that a high quality and responsive website is out of your grasp. Your business can still benefit from the many advantages of online retail by utilising the skills of a web development agency that specialises in using open source software, such as Code Media. Our talented team of developers use their years of experience to provide our clients with attractive eCommerce websites that are customised to meet the needs and requirements of the individual business.

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We believe that open source software is the future. It moves faster than any closed-source can hope to. With thousands of people working to develop and add to these platforms; creating unique add-ons, plug-ins, and more; open source software is your business' ticket to boosting traffic and selling your products online.

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