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If you've been thinking about improving your Magneto website for BlackFriday, it could be one of the best decisions you could make.

Being a fixture of the festive shopping calendar, Black Friday has a massive impact on the profitability of retail operations across the UK. 2019 saw total retail spending rise to £8.6bn – amongst the highest in Europe. Although the Coronavirus lockdown understandably impacted spending in 2020, this year is expected to see an upturn in in-personsales. Add into the mix the number of stores that would have had to create online shopping outlets last year, means that the Black Friday market will beas competitive as it's probably ever been.

A great way to get ahead of the game now (and in the future) would be to ensure that your website is as good as it can be. Does it offer users an easy viewing experience across all devices? How robust is its payment security? Can it attract the attentions of search engines? Magneto can perform all these functions and more, of course – so let's take a look at you can get the best out of your website in time for the Black Friday rush.

How To Get The Best Out of Your Magneto Website For Black Friday

Marketing your Black Friday deals

Just like any storefront, your website works as an extension of your brand – whichever sales tactic you're using, is every virtual avenue covered with virtual posters informing your browsers of the deals they can get?

Some great ways to use your Magento site to market your Black Friday deals, include:

·Multiple marketing channels (e-mail campaigns, retargeting with ads on Google and Facebook, etc).

·Work out which channels provide the most traffic; giving you an idea of where to assign your advertising budget.

·Update and verify your eCommerce data in Google Shopping.

·Create abandoned cart campaigns.

You should ensure that all your channels (including social media) are consistent with their information, tone and look so as not to confuse customers. Information on-site will help browsers go in the right direction, building a unique User Experience.

Optimise your content on your Magento site for Black Friday

To ensure that all your products are visible for clients (and can be reached by search engines), you should check the structure of your pages and revise product descriptions. Not doing so will mean you'll have fewer pages indexed within Google.

Preparing your lack Friday Magento store

You've got a plan in place that will help you to tackle Black Friday sales, but it doesn't mean that the day will go smoothly. It's important to set expectations; be prepared for higher than usual sales volumes – this could lead to an increase in errors and customer support requests. To safeguard your Magento store on Black Friday, you should analyse its performance over the past few months (to see if any areas need improvement; how it performs during traffic spikes, etc), and look at updating your server to cater for the increased traffic.

Ensure your Magento store is 'mobile ready'

More people now browse the Internet on mobile and tablet devices than they do on traditional desktops, so ensuring your site can cater for multiple platforms is essential in today's eCommerce world. With Black Friday being rather chaotic, as users jump from website-to-website, looking for the best deals, they are more likely to favour the sites that they find quick and easy to use. Ensure that your site is optimised for mobile so you don't lose those potential customers.

Maintaining your Magento website's security during Black Friday

Making sure your website is safe and secure for users is the very foundation of eCommerce. Just like how physical stores upgrade their own security for Black Friday, websites should look at theirs to manage the increase in traffic they'll be potentially experiencing. Aside from setting strong passwords and installing the latest security patches on all software, you should look at updating your SSL certificate to make even the most hesitant of customers feel safe in entering in their personal information and payment details.

Those were just a couple of tips on getting the most from your Magento store on Black Friday. Interested in learning more about Magento,or are even looking to upgrade your existing platform? The team here at Code Media can help.

Specialist Open Source Web Design, By Code Media

Here at Code Media, our philosophy is simple; we code it, you own it. We are a vastly experienced web development agency that creates bespoke websites in open source code – once created, we pass the keys over to our clients. What they do then, is completely up to them; they can host it on their own platform, or we can even host it for them.

We believe in creating websites that allow our clients to bring their customers closer to them, shaping their shopping experiences. As the online marketplace continues to expand at an exponential rate, being able to present a bespoke website design is often the difference in customers choosing to go with a particular service. No matter if you need a custom CMS or a custom-built web portal, we are able to deliver a high-quality website that is easy to manage and promote.

So, if you are indeed interested in learning more about the Magento platform (or you need some advice on how your business could benefit from a bespoke eCommerce platform in general), we would be delighted to hear from you. You can get in touch by calling us on 0118 380 1001, or by sending an e-mail to

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