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Interested in building a website with the open source platform Magento? Don’t Forget these 5 top trends for Magento web design.

5 Magento Website Design Trends To Watch Out For

  1. Mobile First
    Technology has had a significant impact on society and perhaps one of the most influential items of tech has been the Smartphone. This piece of technology allows people to connect with friends via social media, do their shopping, and watch their favourite shows all on the same device, whilst on the go.

    This had led to not only the rise of mobile friendly design, but also mobile first design. With so many users browsing the internet on their mobile devices as a primary device, it’s no surprise mobile design has moved from a beneficial extra, to a move have feature. Simply put, if your company’s website isn’t designed for mobile users, you’re missing out on potential business.

  2. The Power Of Call To Action
    Utilising a call to action correctly can mean the difference between a handful or hundreds of conversions on your website.

    For example, with an eCommerce website you want to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment, this can be done by making the checkout process as smooth as possible. On other style of websites, like a brochure website, you may use a call to action button as a method of speaking directly to your site visitor.

    Whatever your method of call to action, it is very important that you remember that this point of contact must be easily noticeable. This includes the relevant landing page.

  3. Negative Space
    Some designers make the mistake of filling every pixel on the website with colour, content, or images. It doesn’t have to be like this, clever use of negative space can boost the user friendliness of the website, which improves the user experience.

    By using negative space, you push the attention of site visitors to the content and allow them to absorb the information placed there in a comfortable and relaxing manner. This doesn’t mean you cannot use colour, whilst negative space is also sometimes known as white space, it can be any colour, gradient or pattern you wish.

    Remember, in many cases, less is often more.

  4. Typography
    Bold typography has been quite the popular trend lately; often paired with the use of bold colours or gradients, further enabling the bold letters to stand out.

    Now bold lettering isn’t the correct choice for every business and choosing the right typography and graphics for your business is of upmost importance. That’s why it’s a good idea to consult with a skilled web designer who can provide bespoke web design services for websites that are using open source software such as Magento, WordPress, and Prestashop.

  5. Grid Layouts
    Grid-based design allows users to quickly, clearly, and easily navigate your website, whilst also providing the site owner with more control over their business’ online presence.

    A grid layout allows the designer to control how the layout is handled on various different screen sizes, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and Smartphones.
    With the shift from mobile friendly to mobile first design, it’s no surprise grid layouts and their ability to adapt to mobile devices with a variety of different screen sizes have boomed in popularity.

Should Your Business Choose Magento?

Magento is an eCommerce platform that provides businesses with an easy to use solution; connecting your online store with payment gateways such as PayPal. This platform is used by a diverse range of businesses including top brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Ford.

In our 21st century society, some would argue that having a website is an essential part of business. The Magento platform can be customised in numerous different ways allowing you to build the website that meets the unique needs of your business. The areas of customisation available include options such as multi-currency, remarketing, and visual customisation through pre-purchased themes; or you could create your own custom theme using XAMPP (which requires knowledge of PHP, CSS, and JavaScript).

Another advantage of the Magento platform comes from its nature as open source software. This enables developers and programmers to look at the source code in search of bugs or areas that can be improved, resulting in a platform that benefits from the skills of thousands of programmers across the world.

No Coding Experience? Don’t Worry

Whilst Magento is a powerful platform that can be used to create incredible websites, one of the disadvantages is that it can often be difficult to use for those who have no knowledge of HTML components and have no experience working with the platform.

We understand that not everyone has time to learn to code, that's where our team of open source specialists can help. Our talented developers have years of experience, which they use to provide our clients with websites that meet the unique needs of their business. We work alongside you on the project, giving you complete control over the entire website; creating a truly unforgettable online retail presence for your business; We'll Code It, & You'll Own It.

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